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What We Do:

Chris Bowles

“I started out hand making keys to old locks working in a busy locksmith shop 10 years ago.. I’ve come a long way from those days, but my passion remains the same.”

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Mark Bowles

“There are many rewarding elements to being a locksmith, but after 40 years in the trade I still get a buzz when I pick open a high security safe.”

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Locksmith Services

Lock Opening: Locked out? We offer a fast opening service causing minimal and in most cases no damage to the door.

Lock Repairs / Replacement: If you’ve just moved in to your home, or lost a key then getting your locks replaced is a good idea. Should you be having difficulty locking or unlocking your door, then we can in most cases carry out repairs or door adjustments.

Security Surveys: We understand everything about security, so we’re the best people to point out weak points around your home. Call us for some friendly advice and to discuss your concerns before it’s too late.

Security Upgrades: In conjunction with our surveys, we also carry out door and window lock upgrades.

Safe Services

Safe Opening: Everyone loses something from time to time, but if it’s your safe keys then you’re going to need a professional to sort it out. We can open every type of safe, and even provide you with a new set of keys.

Handle Repairs: Safe handles and locking bolt work can wear out. We can repair the existing handle, or source a replacement.

Moving and Relocation: Whether you’re moving house or just changing rooms, we can move your safe to a new location and bolt it down so you can be confident your valuables are safe.